• Horace

    Horace is a multimedia collaboration between the Burganov House museum in Moscow, and multimedia creative force Austin Washington, recently author of The Education of George Washington.


    After winning the prestigious Friend of Russia award for collaborative arts projects, presented by legendary Russian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli, and the "greatest" living Russian pianist Yuri Rozum, Austin began Horace, along with acclaimed Russian artist Maria Burganova, helped by her daughter the artist and gallerist Julia Smolenkova. The Horace film, based on the text of Horace, was made with the family paterfamilias, venerated sculptor Alexander Burganov, whose prolific sculptures fill the Moscow landscape and public spaces.


    Although on its surface, and especially in its english language version, Horace is a joyful, almost Dr. Seussian journey, it also resonates as perhaps the best retelling of the "Hero's Journey" of our times. While Horace evokes such popular works as The Alchemist, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and even [Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey" plot as made famous by] Star Wars, Horace retains its artistic integrity in three–three, count' em, three–ways: As a fine work of art, a work of fine art, (although glibly put, it's actually deeply true) and, in what should not really be incongruous: a joyful day in a museum for children from 8 to 108. (And...if you're 109, you'll probably like Horace, too...)


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